Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Horror Mom's Day

First and foremost I have to pimp my first ever published short story, The Eyes Have It, in Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology. If you haven't yet picked up this fantastic book, I highly recommend it and not just because I'm in it. Some of my favorites that left impressions are: Blood For The American People, by Lisa Morton, The Gift, by Monica O'Rourke, and Baptism by Tracie McBride. Go ladies! I'm so fortunate to be amongst these very talented women. Also enjoyed The Silent Ones by Taylor Grant. It's a mind haunt that creeps into you and takes a while to get over.  Brad C. Hodson's, The Other Patrick, is so fantastic it made me cry. And last but not least, Shiva, Open Your Eye by Laird Barron. All of them excellent reads. Trust me. Click the "BUY ME" text to order your copy today. And all proceeds go to amfAR, the foundation for AIDS research. It's a no lose situation.


My Mother's Day has been greatly accentuated by being a part of this book and meeting some fantastic people in the process, including some of the other authors in the TOC, and editors: Mark C. Scioneaux, Robert S. Wilson, and Jennifer Wilson.

This special day started with a Starbuck's Americano and Krispy Kreme donuts in bed, a call to my mother, who loved her Mother's Day present, and wonderful Mother's Day cards from my boys. Then reality hit, and I had to do some laundry. Went to see The Avengers with my boys, and it was FANTASTIC. Going to have some BBQ for dinner, then watching Game of Thrones. I couldn't have asked for a better day.

As far as Mother's Day gifts go, holidays are year round for me. I've learned to take care of myself, and what does a "cool", horror mom want for Mother's Day besides books? This one---Accessories!!

I received two scarves for Mother's Day. This first one is by Alexander McQueen, may he rest in peace. He was a most awesome designer and did a lot with the "skull" motif. And would I love to have one of his skull minaudiere's? Hell yeah, but four grand is pretty steep for anything.

The other one is a Givenchy, Tarot Card scarf. I've never seen anything like it, and thought it was too cool to pass up. The scarves are very light and can be worn in the summer to jazz up a T-shirt and jean shorts. Scarves can also be used to put up your hair, which is something that I love to do because it's a classic look, and I hate having my hair hanging in my face when it's hot and humid out. Scarves - they're not just for winter ladies! Bring 'em out and accessorize yourself cool.

For men, I prefer the casual look of cargo shorts and a polo shirt for everyday, out and about errands. I'm a big fan of the Pyscho Bunny line, and not just because Cameron Tringale, (the golfer), wears them. They have a ton of different colors, but I chose this one because the logo shows up.

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