Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Been Way Too Long...

Anything to avoid writing at the moment, I've finally decided to write something for my blog. As for the queries I had out---one came back with a not-so-standard rejection letter, telling me what wasn't working for them, which totally bummed me out. (Maybe the standard rejections aren't so bad after all.) I never heard anything back from the other agent that I sent my query to. (So much for the "personal" meeting agents at conferences angle.) Since then, I've decided to rework a few things, like the short story. I'm currently revising two short horror stories I've been working on for submission. I'm also writing a short story for an anthology. Eventually, I will get around to revising the science fiction novel I wrote last year. It's been hard getting motivated after this round of rejection letters, but I've been using the time to gather up ideas. When I'm ready again, I'll start over.

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