Monday, September 2, 2013

EAST END GIRLS Book Launch Party

Saturday, August 31st was the evening of my book launch party for East End Girls, my historical horror novella for JournalStone Publishing's Double Down Series, Volume 1. Gord Rollo's, Only the Thunder Knows, about notorious grave robbers Burke and Hare is on the flipside.

This is the second book launch party I've had within a six month period, so this one went smoother as far as me knowing what I needed for setting up, and I was a lot less nervous. A dear friend of mine runs a jewelry business called Ravenous Design and I invited her to join me, along with another one of her friends, who co-created HipsSister athletic wear, so between the three of us, we got some good traffic and cross-selling. Fortunately, I also brought copies of my debut novel, The Evolutionist, and it sold nearly as well as East End Girls did, because friends have told friends that it's about the "local" area and those who have read it are spreading the word. (Thank you all for that! XOXO!) So, all in all, I sold a little over fifty books, which was pretty awesome. But I will say the only minor downside to having a joint venture was that I used what I made in sales to purchase items from my party partners. Ha!

Since I've been writing, (and maybe even a little before that,) I've become somewhat of a recluse. But as a writer, I've learned that it's important to "get out there" and be able to "sell yourself." Having these book launch parties is one way for me to see old friends and make new ones. It's amazing how well you think you know people, but then you find out something new. A friend of a friend may be a well-known agent, or Hollywood producer, or run an advertising agency. All connections that might become handy at some point in your career. Then your friends make those same connections with others for things that they're curious about, or interested in, or need, and relationships and friendships are made. It's a beautiful thing.

I had a wonderful time, and actually got up and walked around and talked to people when the initial crowd thinned out. Now I feel one of the reasons I have to continue writing is so I can have more book parties and more opportunities to mingle with friends and make new ones. I'd really like to thank everyone that came, spoke with me, and had a good time. Always love the support!

My next event is KillerCon Convention at The Stratosphere here in Vegas, September 19th thru the 22nd. It also takes place over my birthday, and a whole lot of fun happens! Click the logo below for more information. There's still time to register.

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