Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

As I posted on my Facebook wall--- "It's Fat Tuesday Bedelia, and I WANT MY King CAKE!" It's one of those favorite lines from a movie that I still use today. The movie/graphic novel was Creepshow, by Stephen King. When I was around eleven or twelve years old (not all that long ago, HA!) it was one of the movies my family watched together when you were able to rent a VCR for the weekend and a bunch of movies. My parents were on a horror movie kick so most of the movies we watched were in that genre. Although my parents no longer enjoy watching horror movies, they sparked my love for it and I haven't stopped watching/loving them since. I think watching horror movies makes me feel like there are worse situations I could be in and that's what draws me to them. Then I think about movies or shows I've seen and books I've read and think, hmm...what if this happened instead? and the characters were switched around? and they were in a big city? And that's how some of my ideas for novels come to life.

I recently read an unpublished novel by friend and colleague, JG Faherty that I enjoyed a lot despite the fact I didn't think I would, only because the topic matter was something I wouldn't normally choose to read about. But it was no surprise I enjoyed it considering his YA novel, The Ghosts of Coronado Bay is nominated for a Bram Stoker Award in the YA/Horror category. Here is the link to the full list of final nominees. http://www.horror.org/ A big congratulations to all of them. JG Faherty also has a book out that I've recently preordered titled, The Cold Spot from Darkfuse Publications. I'm looking forward to reading it. http://www.darkfuse.com/the-cold-spot-by-jg-faherty.html

I'm also in the process of reading Lee Thomas', The German, which I will blurb about when I'm done. It's also a Bram Stoker Award nominee and has really good reviews posted everywhere.

In fashion news, (my other love), NY Fashion Week ended a few days ago and I've been busy shopping the sales from previous seasons/years. One item that stood out for this season were these cool Prada shoes that seemed so unlike the brand. (Their spring/summer purse line was very unimpressive.) But these shoes! They're like Batman shoes, and a couple of them even come equipped with rocket boosters in the back. Although Italian-made shoes don't fit my big American feet so well, I'd almost consider the torture of wearing them for a few hours.

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