Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Website's DONE (for now)

YAY! I'm SO glad my website is done. And thank you to the host site for making it fairly easy. It only took me two and a half days. I just wish there was a quicker way to download photos. All of this came about by a recommendation from a friend/fellow author, Lincoln Crisler. He essentially told me it needed some work like, "just make a new one." I'm sure he said it more directly, however ;-) Here's some thanks to him for getting me started on it. http://lincolncrisler.info/  Check him out, he's got some great stuff in the works.

Alas! It is a cloudy day today in Vegas. Very rare, and good working weather for me, but since I've been stuck in the house for the last few days working on the website, I'm heading out to do some fun stuff.


  1. Completely awesome, Rena. An experience!


  2. And hey...you updated your blogspot theme without me pointing that out, too! Way to go, my young apprentice!